Let’s start by saying why

Why we do things is the the basic element to our success and pleasure of working together.

We believe that improving people’s life condition by swiftly reaching the market with a device is only part of it. The way we work to achieve the project and how do we impact all the collaborators, partners, actually all stakeholders is as important.

We have a lifetime of opportunities to contribute to various projects and ventures, so lets make sure we improve ourselves and perform in a sustainable way respecting work-life balance and ethics. We must stay fit for the long run.

So, what do we do?

We are mostly active in medical class 2 and 3 devices and any product that is a challenge to specify, design, develop, verify, validate and/or manufacture.

We perform feasibility studies and contribute to the development of products. We can phase in and out at any stage, from ideation to industrialisation.

We can orientate our customers to service providers and/or subcontractors that  match their needs in order to reach market. If needed, we can offer management and Ra&D skills to achieve part of a project. We are not limited to the medical field.

We support companies for their Business Development activities and can contribute to strategic choices. This includes coaching of start-ups and support for fund raising.

And how do we do it?

All along the life cycle, we strive to add value to your company by increasing your assets. Continuous knowledge transfer and documentation is key. We improve your teams skills while completing the content of your documentation.

Depending on the support you require, we can build up teams involving local or international recognized expert to achieve specific steps. We take full responsibility and accountability of whom we involve.


« I have been collaborating with Jehan during the first fundraising round of aktiia. He has always provided valuable feedback which allowed the closing of the financing round with a first-class syndicate in a very short period of time. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and extremely competent medtech consultant. I highly recommend to collaborate with Jehan. »

Dr Mattia Bertschi

Co-Founder & CEO, Aktiia - Switzerland

« I’ve known Jehan in his capacity of Medtech development account manager, then as independent medtech consultant. He’s a smart, creative, and enthusiastic professional with top expertise in mechanical and electronic integration of medical devices. He builds a trust relationship with his customers is clear about risks and achievability, and gets things done in his team. »

Dr Michel Decré

Former Research & Technology Director, Medtronic Eindhoven Design Center (project Sapiens) - The Netherlands

« Jehan is an extremely intelligent and creative manager who works great in teams in a goal oriented manner. He has a wide spectrum of knowledge and an excellent network in the industry. »

Peter Ruppersberg

Founder & CEO, Ablacon - Switzerland

« Jehan has a strong knowledge of the industrial and medical devices. He proved to be very innovative with new ideas and solutions to solve problems. He has a great expertise for organizing, structuring and managing projects. Do you need ideas to develop a new product? Jehan is your man and I strongly recommend his creativity and his expertise. »

Georges Rochat †

Former Founder & CEO, Valtronic Group - Switzerland